What IS “Advanced Training”?

According to Bob Bailey it all comes down to the fundamentals. He doesn’t care for the term “advanced training”, and he says he doesn’t teach it. So what IS “advanced training”? According to Bob to the extent that it exists at all it is nothing more than “the precise application of the fundamentals”. How reassuring is it to know that if you can master the fundamentals, you can be an “advanced trainer”?

One of the participants in week five was well-known agility competitor and instructor Daisy Peel. She was there with her dog Solar after teaching a three-day seminar, and then placing fifth(!) in the European Open finals – congratulations Daisy and Solar! Happily, I got to know Daisy a bit after she offered me a ride to Stockholm where she shared her hotel room with me, and Solar became the second Border Collie that Jacques felt comfortable enough to hang out with.

I mention Daisy in the context of the “advanced training” question because she recently published a very good post on this subject on her blog, so rather than reinvent a wheel that might not be quite as good, I will just say¬† “read what Daisy said“.


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